About Us

The ladies behind LABLD

We are two small business owners who became fast friends after running into each other at multiple markets in Austin. Monique Parker is the owner of Blow Candle Co, a creative studio that specializes in fine home fragrances, and Sarah Miller is the leading lady at Awkward Auntie, a company that specializes in unique concrete home decor. Upon spending more time with each other, we found that our passion for our businesses isn't the only thing we have in common, we also share a love of connecting and helping others, especially within the small business world.

The idea for LABLD came from multiple conversations about our triumphs and struggles as small business owners. After reflecting a bit, we brainstormed about how we could help other emerging brands (and ourselves!) by alleviating some of the pain points that come with working solo and having to wear so many hats while also creating a path to greater revenue!